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Short answer:

Short answer: It's just like one on one coaching, but with a buddy (i.e. another layer of accountability).

How do I Start?

Long answer:

More than just designing your workouts, I'll be giving you and your partner the skills you need to get stronger and leaner by holding each of you accountable to your nutrition and lifestyle habits. More importantly, you and your partner will hold each other accountable as you travel along the same journey. 

My goal is to instill in you the confidence and know-how to get the results you want and maintain them for a lifetime.



My online clients see better results because I'm able to hold them accountable better than any in person client I've trained. Through the online platform, I'm able to see your workout performance and provide feedback in real time. This constant contact and accountability sky rockets your COMPLIANCE and CONSISTENCY, which are the 2 biggest determining factors in your success.

Think of me as your guide on your journey to your health and fitness goals and beyond. My job is to give you the tools and confidence to make lifelong changes.

If you're ready to take the next step, click here to schedule your free Online Coaching Consultation.

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  • How do I check in with you?
    Track your workouts and activities in the No Excuses Training app! I receive a notification each time you complete an activity. So, simply keep track of everything you do and I’ll be able to keep up and check in with you through the app and via email.
  • What kind of equipment will I need?
    Full gym access is best, but not necessary. If you can move your body, we can get started with just yourself! If you're looking to build a home gym, I'm happy to make equipment recommendations for your space. Ultimately, your program will be tailored to you: your goals, your abilities, your time, and your equipment (even if that's just you!)
  • What if I don't know how to perform an exercise included in the workout?
    Each exercise has a video demonstration along with written directions. If you’re still unsure how to perform an exercise, record a video of a few reps and send it to me through the In-App Messaging feature. I will reply with a video response.
  • Do you give me a meal plan?
    No. If I'm just telling you what to eat, then you won't develop the skills and habits around food that you'll carry on for the rest of your life. Instead, we'll focus on creating habits around eating and lifestyle for you to build a foundation on in reaching your current goals and beyond. Consistency is key!
  • How much access do I have to you?
    Reach out to me any time! I reply to all of my emails on Mondays & Tuesdays, and I'll typically reply to text/in-app messages within 24 hours (unless I'm sleeping or in the middle of family time). I'm here for you. I want to hear from you!
  • How much does 1 on 1 Online Coaching cost?
    This is what you really wanted to know, right? I don't post my prices online for one simple reason: I want to make sure that you and I will be a good fit working together. So first, you need to apply for coaching and schedule a Zoom call with me, because I want you (a real human being) to talk to me (another real human being) first. What I can tell you is that Online Coaching costs less than the $10 a day it would cost to eat out for lunch; and about 75% less than if you were to workout with me in person 3 times a week at your local gym.
  • Alright, I'm ready to get started! How do I apply for coaching?
    Great! Schedule your free consultation here.
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