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Robert Madonna

Great experience with a trainer who really cares about his clients. Can’t recommend him highly enough.

Stephanie Pond

Nick is a great trainer! I have been taking his bootcamp classes for 2 years. He does a great job of keeping me motivated and improving my fitness. He even modified his training while i was in an air cast to keep me safe while focusing on building a stronger upper body. I highly recommend No Excuses Personal Training!

Kathy Addis

Nick is a superb teacher and trainer. He is smart, dedicated, and motivating, and he has extraordinary knowledge of fitness and the human body. His classes are innovative and challenging. I appreciate Nick's hands-on approach: he demonstrates every exercise to show us proper form, and he corrects us when necessary. Nick is terrific!

Sunil Acharya

Nick's classes are awesome. They are geared towards exercising the entire body. Nick has a great knowledge of exercise physiology and is very helpful with individual concerns.

Samantha W.

Whether you are looking to make a big change, or add a few tweaks to your exercise program, Nick is your guy. You’ll get a great workout, learn something new, and have fun in the process!

Patty K.

"You will NOT find a more dedicated, more motivated, all around great trainer, than Nicholas Cowell. He certainly knows what he is talking about and is great at sharing his passion for fitness with everyone!!"

Jaime Day

No excuses bootcamp is an effective and fun work out. Nick’s positivity is contagious! I feel so lucky to have found this group.

Lance Rogers

Nick is great at what he does. Reliable, responsive, caring and tough he spends the time necessary to help me help myself.

Amber M.

"No Excuses Training is an amazing personal training service. Nick took my fitness goals into serious consideration and help me not only achieve them but exceed any expectations that I had. I met Nick through a local boxing gym and began personal training with him. When he created No Excuses Training I continued to train with him. I was able to continue boxing and he helped me push myself to new levels. From strength training, to boot camps, I was able to do things that I never dreamed I would be able to do. Nick pushed me to new limits, and made personal training enjoyable. I would recommend Nick and No Excuses Training to anyone who is looking to feel stronger and more empowered. Nick helped me reach new goals and achieve a better sense of fitness and accomplishment. I was stronger, more confident, and in some of the best shape of my life."

Erin L.

“Nick is a fantastic personal trainer and I would recommend him highly to anyone!! While he is certainly well equipped and well versed in personal training, athletics, exercise, and nutrition, he brings an unparalleled level of personal attention and sophistication to his training that I have yet to experience with any other trainer. He is focused and committed to developing a training plan that works for his clients of all levels - it is never a one-size-fits-all approach. He knows how to motivate people to get outside of their comfort zone while providing the support and encouragement necessary to keep you there and keep you seeing results. As someone with asthma, medical issues, and a complete lack of time, Nick's training programs were the only thing that has worked for me as far as getting - and staying - in shape. By working out with him I was able to improve my 5k time from about 40 minutes to 29 (and I am not a natural runner), I started running obstacle courses, and I was able to reduce flare ups of my pre-existing back pain. Unlike other trainer experiences that I have had in the past, Nick was always on time, never cancelled an appointment, and was always responsive to my calls, texts, or emails. It is really clear that he cares about his clients and helping them reach their goals!!"

Jonathan Schneid

He’s a pro, shaped me up for Basic training. Finished first in the academy

Maryann C.

Worked with Nick over the years in CT.  He is great personal trainer, shows proper technique and is able to help meet your goals!

Julian Roca

Nick is one of the best trainers I’ve ever had. He pushes your goals but most importantly he sets up a foundation for proper training while instilling you with the knowledge to workout properly so you don’t hurt yourself. I may have not loved stretching, but he made sure I warmed up my body properly. If I still lived close by there would be no doubt in my mind that I would still be working out with Nick. I miss his bad jokes. Seriously, don’t even think twice. This man knows his stuff and you won’t regret going with him.

Sandy P.

Recently, I did Nick Cowell’s #noexcusestraining   “30 in 30” challenge (30 minutes of exercise in 30 days). With Nick’s daily encouragement and accountability THIS WAS POSSIBLE! I was (still am) recovering from surgery and needed guidance to get back on the road to being fit and strong. Truthfully I wondered if I could do it!

In the past month of January, I lost 6.8% body fat and 1” total here and there. WELL WORTH IT I SAY!!!
Staring Feb 6th Nick is now offering a BOOTCAMP. Again…stepping out of my (can I do it?) comfort zone…gonna GO FOR IT! With Nick’s EXPERTISE and GUIDANCE and ROCKING WORKOUTS, I’m sure to make progress.
I encourage anyone looking to have fun and get into a bit better shape to CHECK this BOOTCAMP out! 
Plus…Who wouldn’t want to join a whacky loony 72yr old broad take on a new challenge! Entertainment baby!

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